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With summer holidays and fun behind us, you may be suffering with back-to-work blues – dreading being back in the office and slogging your guts out on someone else’s dream. 

Many people start to look for a new job after returning from a holiday and, in our experience, also start to think about legitimate alternatives to the corporate carousel.

So, if you found yourself dreaming on a beach this summer trying to work out a way to be your own boss, you’re not alone. According to a recent study by SME Loans, 64% of Brits wants to set up their own business but nearly half of those don’t think they’ll ever actually do it. So what’s stopping you?  

Well, probably the same things that stop everyone else. Another survey from EBuyer.com showed the most common reasons people are scared to make the leap are: 

  • lack of money 
  • fear of failure 
  • lack of time  
  • lack of resource or technology 

 These are legitimate concerns, but there are ways to minimise them. ‘Going it alone’ doesn’t have to mean literally that. Here at TIMESTWO, we know it takes a team to create a successful business, from marketing & PR to IT & technology as well as guidance and mentorship – not to mention a bit of financial support! 

There are countless articles around why start-ups fail listing an array of reasons such as:  

  • Cash flow 
  • Poor marketing 
  • Legal challenges
  • No investors or advisors 

It rarely has anything to do with lack of hard work or not being good at what you do. That’s why we want to create a safe environment for recruitment entrepreneurs to do what they do best, while we take care of everything else.  

If fear of the unknown is what’s holding you back, then let us talk you through it. We’ll tell you everything you need to know, answer all your questions with absolutely transparency and hopefully turn your uncertainty into excitement and confidence.  

Want to have a talk in confidence? Contact our Talent and Investment Partner Ingrid or check out our online criteria here