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A new investment programme for recruitment entrepreneurs has been launched in the South West by one of the industry’s leading partnerships.

TIMESTWO Investments has been created by Mike Beesley and Keith Dawe, two of the UK’s most influential recruitment entrepreneurs, to offer investment that provides startups and scaleups the tools needed to succeed in a short period of time.

The business, which has an especially-designed incubation hub in Pill on the outskirts of Bristol, will support people-focused entrepreneurs who have identified a market and are ready to make a go of it on their own.

In its initial phase the search for investment opportunities will focus on entrepreneurs from the South West before opening up nationally in the coming 12 months.

Along with financial investment, TIMESTWO has been developed to enable necessary aspects such as brand development, marketing, IT, finance and legal services to be brought under one roof, so founders can concentrate on what they are best at.

Over the past 40 plus years, Mike and Keith have created a group of independent companies that are some of the fastest growing in the UK and Ireland, including Sanderson and Resource Management, which sit under parent group Resource Solutions Group Plc (RSG).

Mike, who remains CEO of RSG, said: “We are looking forward to talking with interesting market makers who want to make a difference in the recruitment industry.

“The opportunities for people businesses are at an all-time high, with the industry growing quickly and sustainably as well as developing innovative new ways of thinking.

“So, it’s the perfect time for the next generation of recruitment entrepreneurs to seek to start or expand a business and for us to provide bespoke, targeted investment that will truly work based on our own experience.”

People interested in finding out more about applying for TIMESTWO can visit here.